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our faqs

How many sessions will I need to do? How often will I need to come or have a virtual visit?

Everyone is different. My goal isn’t to keep clients for a specific number of sessions; my goal is to get you out of the office and back to living your life. This is something we’ll have a better feel for after our first full session. From there she will recommend a schedule. This is a process and everyone’s needs are unique. I work very collaboratively with each individual.

Clients usually start weekly, then move to twice a month, and then set up a session only when they feel they need extra support.

Insurance is not accepted. However, I do provide superbills for reimbursement. Use this script to check if your insurance covers nutrition services and to request an exception if necessary.

Insurance+Verification (pdf)

A registered dietitian (RD) is considered to be an expert in the field of nutrition. They are required to hold a bachelor’s degree or higher, complete a dietetic internship, and pass a board exam to be registered. The term nutritionist is not regulated and there are no specific requirements or training to call oneself a nutritionist.

No, I don’t give out diets or meal plans for weight loss. Based on my time in practice I believe that diets actually fail us. Diets are based on deprivation, which often times disconnects us from our own body’s hunger/fullness cues, which usually ends with us over-eating and gaining the weight back. This cycle can leave us feeling guilty or hopeless… or both.

My approach to nutritional counseling is about empowering clients to take guidance from their own bodies and gaining the skills to eat in a nutritious, lasting, and enjoyable way. We’ll work on balance and structure, satiety and satisfaction to find the right lifestyle for you.

My practice is influenced by Health at Every Size® (HAES) and Intuitive Eating, both of which are weight neutral philosophies. My nutritional counseling focuses on the relationship and behaviors with both food and your body rather than the old method of placing judgement on weight. 

Diet culture trains us to be uncomfortable in our own bodies and wanting to change that is completely understandable. I work to ensure that you feel your experience in your body is seen and validated. However, in my work with clients I focus not on your weight but instead on your learned behaviors and relationship with food.

Yes. Before starting work with a new client I always offer a free, 15 minute consultation. During this phone call I will get a better understanding of your needs. The goal of the consultation call is to understand if your needs, to understand if we would be a good match to work together, and then to schedule your first counseling session. You can request the free, 15 minute consultation here.
I do work with teens but I do not work with children. I’m happy to refer you to other colleagues in the Los Angeles area who specialize in nutritional counseling for young clients. Feel free to send me an email and I will share the names of those therapists with you.